Common Gas Fireplace Repairs

When you use a gas fireplace, you enjoy the warmth and comfort that a fireplace delivers without the mess of firewood. Simply turn a switch and your fireplace is ready to use. However, there are a few problems that interfere with the fireplace and its operation. If you notice problems or that the fireplace does not operate as efficiently as it did at one time, you need to phone professionals at once.  The sooner you call a professional for a thorough gas fireplace repair redmond or the sooner you can get back your peace of mind and comforts.

Pilot Light Trouble

Most of the issues that affect a gas fireplace are the result of the pilot light. The pilot light can go out without notice, so check to make sure that it is in the on position. If this doesn’t solve the problem, refer to the owner’s manual and instructions to learn the next best steps to take. The problem could lie with an empty gas tank or other issues.

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Fireplace Burner Problems

If the pilot light is on but the fireplace doesn’t work, perhaps the fireplace burner is to blame. If the thermostat is one, make sure that it is set at the right temperature to keep the room warm. If it is set properly call a professional. The problems that a burner experiences are usually complex and need the expertise the professionals bring. It could be anything from a malfunctioning thermocouple causing trouble to wires that are damaged or that have become unattached.

Fireplace Repair Costs

The amount of money you’ll pay to repair your gas fireplace varies according to the type of problem and other factors. You can expect to spend anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to make the repair to a couple thousand dollars for the service.